Growing up in Bristol

Located in South West of London, Bristol is my hometown. My parents are bristolians too. We have been living in this town for like forever. it’s like this is our whole world. The air of Bristol which is usually cold for the outsiders, creates a motherly environment for us. Growing up in Bristol has been one of the blessings of life. All the childhood memories related to Bristol are full of warmth and beauty one cannot fathom.

When I think about Bristol, numerous memories come flooding in my mind. Our home was in a little street. The street was on a slope and we had several neighbors too. It was beautiful, the rows of houses across the street like a typical English neighborhood. When we were young, we started going out to play in the gardens and street. Me and my friends had scooties, we played around the whole time. In summers, when the sun went down quite late we got ourselves busy in plucking out unwanted weeds from our garden. Gardening was the most loved appreciated of all the stuff we used to do.

We used to play basketball and football together with the naughty boys who always used to win by cheating. We all went to school together. It was like we had a big family, just living in different houses. We used to come back home from school at 3 pm. The schools were amazing. They taught us all the good things in the world. The teachers were so nice to us. They never burdened us any type of tough homework exercises. The school used to give us milk and a fruit in lunch. Trust me, the milk was delicious. after coming back to home, we used to eat lunch and spend time with our moms. But our eyes and ears used to lay on what our friends were doing. Never we came by a day when our excitement of going out and play got dimmer. It became a routine of our lives.

The neighborhood was full of welcoming and kind people. I remember, there was an old couple living by the end of the street. They always used to wave at us when we went to school. They used to give us delicious treats when there was a celebration like Christmas or Easter. Once one of our friend’s little brother died of a terrible accident, all of us were there for his family. Even after the funeral, we stayed together to help them. Growing up in Bristol was just too amazing. As we grew up to be teenagers, life became a little different. We got busy in our lives more. But our friendships never ended.

Through all our bad times to good, Bristol and its people have been together like a family. This small town maybe too little to the outside world, but it’s the whole world to us. Even though we are all adults now, but we can never forget that sweet childhood of ours. Even today when we all get a chance to sit together, we talk about those lovely memories. even the thoughts and glimpses make us super happy and delighted.

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